2017 on the Outer Banks!

2017 on the Outer Banks promises to be absolutely amazing! We are all looking forward to the changes that are taking place around us with excitement!

The OBX is, and always will be, the perfect place for family vacations. That is why we are thankful that you keep coming back – in some cases for generations. Usually when you return you find new restaurants and shops and 2017 will certainly surprise you in that respect. Even more so you will be excited by the addition of new activities including a new miniature golf course, more rope adventures, expanded watersports activities and the breathtaking new waterpark H2OBX that is opening in Powells Point.

The art and cultural celebrations, running events, music and food festivals, and watersports competitions will keep the Outer Banks humming and should not be missed. There is always something for everyone on the OBX and we welcome all with open arms.

When our founders invented the OBX sticker almost 25 years ago they were looking for a way to make the Outer Banks recognizable and memorable. Over the years that has certainly happened. OBX means something a little different to everyone but, although some have said it means “obnoxious”, for most people it just evokes wonderful, happy memories. Each year we see personalized license plates from all over the country which include the letters OBX. We absolutely love the fact that our little sticker has become an intergral part of how people remember the hundreds of miles of happiness from Currituck to Ocracoke.

In celebration of the new year OBX.COM will soon have a new look! We want visitors to know where they can find the Outer Banks best and we will be dedicating OBX.COM to doing just that. So when you search “Outer Banks best…” you’ll find exactly what you are looking for on OBX.COM.

We love the warm, happy smiles of all who vacation and live on the Outer Banks. We hope that 2017 brings you many more of those smiles!