Common Sense for OBX Summer Fun


OBX summer fun! It’s that time of year again!!!! Fun in the sun, right? So, here are some common sense tips to help it stay fun…

1. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS OR CHILDREN IN THE CAR!!! If it’s 90 degrees outside the temperature in your car will rise to over 110 in 10 minutes even with a window cracked 2 inches! Don’t ruin your trip this way.

2. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR STUFF ON THE BEACH OVERNIGHT. Every Outer Banks town now has an ordinance about items left on the beach overnight. If you take the chance your stuff may be gone in the morning.

3. FILL IN YOUR HOLES IN THE SAND. Holes are dangerous. People walk on the beach at night and there are community patrols that drive on the beach too. Don’t ruin someone else’s summer by being the cause of an accident.

4. If you see a sea turtle on the beach please do not approach it. Please call N.E.S.T. (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles) 24-hour hotline 252-441-8622.

5. If you encounter injured or nesting wildlife on the beach please contact the North Carolina Marine Mammal Stranding Network at 252-728-8762

5. Be VERY watchful for pedestrians and bicycles and motorcycles. Stop at the marked crossings!

6. Stay at least 50 feet from wild horses. There’s a HUGE fine if you don’t. Does this mean you may have to move on the beach? Yes. Get up and move. These are beautiful but WILD animals and you are visiting their home.

6. Beware of rip tides – See the picture!!!

7. POLICE YOUR AREA BEFORE YOU LEAVE! You hate it when you put your towel down and find garbage, cigarette butts, bottle tops, etc. so please take everything away from the beach when you leave.

If you are on the beach and you have a questions, any question at all, ask a tide